Birmingham's Permanent Grout Solution!

We are a local independent Birmingham business and grout cleaning and sealing is all we do! Our goal is to save our clients thousands of dollars by choosing restoration over remodeling.

Birmingham's Permanent Grout Solution!

Grout Superior is a local service based business that specializes in cleaning and restoring grout. We serve the entire Birmingham Metro area. Primarily we treat all types of tile floors, showers, and backsplashes. What makes us different is that we are not a temporary fix. Our process is permanent and the way we do this is through our specialized process called Color Sealing. Color Sealing prevents any type of staining by sealing over the pores of the grout. It will leave your tile and grout looking beautiful for years to come.

We are not a franchise. We are not a carpet cleaning company. We are a local independent Birmingham business and grout is all we do! Our goal is to save our clients thousands of dollars by choosing restoration over remodeling. We don't bring in any heavy machinery. We don't use high pressure washing. We don't steam clean. These methods break down grout in the long run. All of our work is hand done because hand done work provides the best results.

The Truth About Grout:

Let's face it. We know grout can be VERY high maintenance when it comes to keeping it looking good. Grout can easily stain due to high foot traffic, spills, and constant water penetration. But would you guess that the more you clean your grout, the more stained it can become? This doesn't seem to make sense at first, but it becomes evident in the long run. This is because grout is extremely porous - like a sponge. It's a gradual process, but each time we clean our grout, what's left behind is a layer of microscopic chemicals and dirt that get trapped and absorbed into the grout. So while the grout seems to "look better" after each cleaning, it will never be as bright as the last cleaning. In the long run, grout always discolors.

Combine the above information with this: We found that the number one way homeowners attempt to clean their grout is they get down on their hands and knees, use a heavy duty cleaner, and scrub each grout line individually (with something along the lines of a toothbrush).

This is not only painful and time consuming, it's counterproductive and temporary! When Grout Superior treats your grout, we not only clean the grout, we seal over the pores permanently. Once your grout is color-sealed; nothing will penetrate or stain it in the future. It will not discolor or peel up, guaranteed.

What is Color Seal?

Color seal is a permanent sealer that we apply to the grout lines by hand. It is has an acrylic polymer base. We offer any color you want. This is not a clear sealer and we work with the existing grout unless it needs to be replaced. Untreated grout is porous. When we apply our color seal, it is absorbed into the grout and seals over every pore. What this creates is a porous free surface. It cuts cleaning time in half, eliminates the need to scrub, and leaves your grout looking natural and stain-free.

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"We still can't believe you transformed our bathroom in a single day. It looks like a brand new installation and it cleans up with a simple dry rag..."

— Greg House

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